Bay of Islands Singers - Choir in the Bay of Islands, Northland

Music for Hire

Choral Scores

3 Saints in One [for upper voices] Michael Hurd  15 copies

Best of all Possible Worlds (from Candide) [SATB] Bernstein 50 copies

Bohemian Rhapsody [SATB] Freddie Mercury  50 copies

Carousel [SATB] Rodgers & Hammerstein  50 copies

Famous Operatic Choruses compiled by Kurt Adler  40 copies

Fantasia on British Sea Songs [SATB] Sir Henry Wood 50 copies

Grand Chorus Dialogue [SATB] Eugene Gigout 50 copies

Handel Messiah [SATB] edited Watkins Shaw  50 copies

Haydns Second Mass in C  [SATB] [Paukenmesse]  50 copies

Kalinka [SAB] Vadim Prokhorov  25 copies

Rhythm of Life [SATB] Arr. Richard Barnes  50 copies

When I'm 64 [SATB] Lennon & McCartney  50 copies

Orchestral Scores

Requiem  - Gabriel Faure (Rutter Edition)

Fantasia on British Sea Songs - Sir Henry Wood

For enquiries please email:

Marilyn Kennedy